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Professional photography is not just about taking a picture, it’s about understanding what you really need and then helping you achieve it by reaching your customers in the most positive visual way.

Our job is to make your company or products look better. No matter what industry or genre, we create the right image that best shows your company or services.

With decades of experience in photography, from simple product shots to large fashion and advertising shoots, our knowledge makes us your problem solver. We know how an image works, and once we have listened to you, we know how it works for you.

Our advice is free, so if you have a project you want to implement, just talk to us.


Business photography is much more than creating simple portraits. Corporate communication in the 21st century also includes depicting and transporting work processes and the working environment authentically and naturally in photos.

Our goal is to show characteristic work situations. Human interaction is also an important part of your company’s public image. These elements must not be missing on your website either.

Together with you, we develop an optimal image concept tailored to your individual needs, which reflects you, your company and your employees according to your wishes. In this way you will address your target group in a targeted manner and convince with an authentic look.

We would be happy to advise you personally about the possibilities of your individual shooting – at your location, “on location” or at our photo studio in Euskirchen.

Viewing angle

In advertising photography today a higher degree of staging is allowed. The aim is to do justice to the sensations of the modern user. The choice of models, for example, determines the credibility of the staging. Getting as close as possible to the target group’s world of experience is our focus. Styling and surroundings are also important for the shooting, and good results are ultimately the success of the whole team.

Clients and agencies benefit from our proven project and production management. As advertising photographers, we speak the language of advertisers. We implement your requirements perfectly and with high quality. We are happy to contribute creative ideas both in advance and during the actual production. That is our task as problem solvers.

Of course we are also happy to support you in finding suitable locations for your advertising photography project.










picture refinement

Our studio is equipped with the highest quality and latest camera and lighting technology. No matter if you want to equip your website or billboards with the finished shots, we deliver the perfect product.


  • NIKON-approved professional operation (NPS)
  • X-Rite Colorchecker (color fastness)
  • Calibrated colour management system
  • FULL FRAME FORMAT / 36MP / 14-bit recording
  • Delivery in all common file formats
  • Conversion of desired size incl. adapted sharpening
  • Preview via online picture gallery per shooting day

Real colors

One of our specialties is to photograph and present your products as real and colourfast as possible. For this purpose we work with qualified colour management systems. You get perfect digitalizations.

Image Retouching

Our high-end retouching is more than just the classic image optimization of white balance or contrast. We can add color and light effects, refine and highlight details, remove even the smallest defects such as scratches or “quirks” and even add or remove objects. All exactly according to your specifications and wishes.

Watch Photography
Jewellery Photography

Jewellery photography and especially the watch photography is a photographic work, which cannot even be realized in the “assembly line method”. In the field of product photography we see watch photography as the real “top class”. Here we come across all the problems that can occur. For example, reflections and unwanted reflections, and most of the time we are still looking for them at the same time.
Perfectly photographed, product photos of wristwatches convince your potential customers of the design, material and functions of the watch. Chronographs must be illuminated and displayed with all technical and optical features. That is why we attach great importance to the recognizability of the materials and surfaces of the dial, bezel, case and bracelet.
We offer you watch photography and jewellery photography on an absolute high end level. High-resolution, clean, perfect.
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