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Professional photography isn’t just about taking a picture, it’s about understanding what you really need and then helping you achieve it by reaching your customers visually in the most positive way. Our job is to make your business or products look better. No matter in which industry or genre, we get the right image that best reflects your business or services. With decades of experience in photography, from simple product shoots to large fashion and advertising shootings, we are your problem solver with our knowledge. We know how a picture works, and once we have listened to you, we know how it works for you. Our advice is free, so if you have a project you want to implement, just talk to us.



Business photography is much more than simply creating portraits.

Corporate communication in the 21st century also includes portraying and transporting work processes and the working environment authentically and naturally in photos.

Our goal is to show characteristic work situations. Also the human contact is an important component of the external effect of your enterprise. These elements should not be missing on your website either.

Together with you, we develop an individually tailored, optimal image concept, which reproduces you, your company and your employees according to your wishes. In this way you address your target group in a targeted manner and convince with an authentic look.

We will be happy to advise you personally about the possibilities of your individual shooting – at your location, “on location” or at our photo studio in Euskirchen.



In advertising photography today a higher degree of staging is permitted. The aim is to do justice to the feelings of the modern user. The choice of models, for example, determines the credibility of the staging. Our focus is to get as close as possible to the experience world of the target group. Styling and surroundings are also important for the shooting, and good results are ultimately the success of the entire team.

Clients and agencies benefit from our proven project and production management. As advertising photographers we speak the language of the advertisers. We implement your requirements perfectly and to a high standard. We are happy to contribute creative ideas both in advance and during the actual production. This is our task as problem solvers.

Of course, we will also be happy to assist you in finding suitable locations for your advertising photography project.

Classic product photography

Mood shots with character and ambience. A variety of possibilities, such as reflective surfaces (coloured glass, acrylic, genuine mirrors, lacquer films or many other materials). Ideal for particularly high-contrast and dramatic product photos that emphasise the product. We always choose the decoration so that the product of the "HERO" is in the picture.

Shadow-free product photography

Sober, factual and clean presentation of the product. Standard mapping - very well suited for large assortments and large online shop inventories to provide a homogeneous, uniform overall impression. Quickly reproducible for follow-up work such as new products in a series. Disadvantage: sterile optical impression.

Clipping Path & Packshots

Also objective and sober product presentation. Optimal for large assortments and large online shop inventories for a homogeneous, uniform overall impression. Quickly reproducible for follow-up work such as new products in a series. Standard and mandatory for numerous marketplace providers such as Amazon, Zalando, Ebay and others.

Functional diagrams & Workflows

For example, for operating instructions or product descriptions in online shops in order to reduce email or telephone enquiries from customers. In this way, the production of your products can also be documented photographically using application examples. If the potential customer "understands" your product, his motivation to buy it is greater.


We analyse your needs in a personal conversation. Your wishes and our experience guarantee success.


We develop the idea for an effective photographic solution and coordinate it with you according to your individual needs.


The creation of the photos is planned and prepared according to the desired and possible budget.


Our photographers convert your ideas into photos within the agreed period of time. At the same time, the motif development is coordinated with you.


Professional image editing and, if desired, composing give your photographs the finishing touch.



Website & Social Media

The most important element of visual content editing is photography.

Perfect business portraits are the business card for a successful visual communication of your person and your services.

In order to achieve a perfect result, our competent team also offers you additional services such as the booking of a make-up artist who will professionally stage you.

Image processing


Digital High End Photography

Our studio is equipped with the highest quality and most up-to-date camera and lighting technology. No matter whether you want to equip your web presence or billboards with the finished shots, we deliver the perfect product.

The icing on the cake

From exclusive retouching to hero shots and image processing to complicated montages, we offer you precision and attention to detail.

Real colours

One of our specialties is to photograph and present your products as real and colourfast as possible. For this we work with qualified colour management systems. You get perfect digitalizations.

Image retouching

Our high-end retouching is more than just the classic image optimization of white balance or contrast. We can add color and light effects, refine and highlight details, remove even the smallest imperfections such as scratches or “quirks” and even add or remove objects. All according to your specifications and wishes.

Commercial Photography
Just have a cup of coffee with us and get to know us ...

Dieter Greven

Visual Creator

funny guy | wears jeans with holes, while others at his age wear suits and tie | loves challenges | solves problems | is married | has dogs, no kids | sings in the shower | sleeps in the sauna | needs positive stress | loves good food | also comes by motorbike | needs coffee and Red Bull | is house-trained | loves to laugh | may contain traces of sarcasm, irony and nuts

Marion Kurtscheidt

Photography, Coordination

Marion takes care of all photo matters concerning the family | takes care of the clients | is responsible for coaching the clients on business photos and the necessary group dynamics in most photo sessions | also serves as a voice-controlled light holder | coordinates the dates | gets even the most chaotic shoot under control | motivates, calms down, provides good humour, soft drinks, coffee and biscuits

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